City of Leduc paratransit bus fleet – StarTrans Senator II

  • Bus
  • City of Leduc
  • Leduc, Alberta
  • StarTrans
  • Senator II
  • Scott Frey
  • 2


Additonal Details:

This paratransit bus features a 14-passenger capacity and space for two wheelchairs. In addition, the Startrans Senator II base model has been enhanced with some options to improve accessibility and passenger experience.

City of Leduc’s bus features pull-out steps at the rear and main entry doors to ease passenger boarding.
On the safety side, these paratransit buses come with a plexiglass driver’s barrier and a roadrunner camera and DVR system. On top of that, the Crestline production team designed a custom DVR holder to meet the City of Leduc requirements.

At Crestline, we can customize bus models to meet your needs, from a cabinet to complex system integration; our in-house engineer team can fulfill any request. We don’t push standard products; we build custom solutions for our customers and ensure it serves you well over the years.