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Plan your charger station installation for your bus depot.

Charging stations are part of the electric bus ecosystem. If you are looking into buying an electric bus, you need to plan your charging infrastructure. The depth of installations required at your bus depot will depend on your fleet size, route length, and many other factors. Our experts are ready to help you select the right charging station for your business.

We’ve got you covered with a tailored range of products tailored to charge our bus line-up. All Lightning Energy charging stations integrate fully with the Lightning Insights telematics so you can monitor your electric bus battery performance.

Most popular commercial EV charging stations for sale.

Need help choosing the right charging station for your bus?

Get an unparalleled support to help you transition to an electric bus.

We are ready to help you navigate the process from electric bus specifications to charging infrastructure, service, and financing. We’ll introduce you to the future of electric transportation and help you transition to a zero-emission fleet.

Financing your purchase

Leverage public fundings to reduce the upfront cost of your electric bus.

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We monitor federal and provincial incentive programs for you.
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Understand the charging levels

Learn what is difference between a Level 2 and a DC Fast Charger (Level 3) with us.

Learn about charging stations

We help you select the right charging solution your needs.
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Electric know-how

Get ready to drive, maintain, and manage an electric bus fleet with our experts.

Train your team

We provide educational content on electric buses, tricks and tips to help you transition your fleet.
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Explore our electric bus and van models available.

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